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Sandringham College has offered our students the opportunity to access Vocational Education & Training (VET) courses ever since they were first introduced as part of Senior School certificates - and every year more than half of our senior students avail themselves of that opportunity. The college thus has vast experience in providing access to a wide range of Vocational Courses - and in doing so has won numerous College VET Awards for excellence.

VET programs allow students to include nationally accredited vocational studies within their senior secondary certificate. In the past, students would have to leave school before undertaking entry level training with a TAFE or Private Provider. Now students have the opportunity to undertake training that provides VCE & VCAL credits, as well as VET or Further Education (FE) qualifications, while still at school.

Why do students choose VET as part of their senior secondary certificate?
VET offers students the opportunity to
  • combine general & vocational studies
  • realistically explore career options & pathways without leaving school
  • undertake learning in the workplace &/or develop skills that will equip them for the workplace
  • undertake applied learning in an adult learning environment
  • gain a nationally recognised qualification or credit towards a qualification that also contributes to satisfactory completion of VCE or VCAL

Most VCE VET programs offer scored assessment and contribute to an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) score like all other VCE 3/4 units. All VET programs (including Block Credit programs) completed at a 3/4 level contribute to an ATAR score. Direct credits may be applicable to the related TAFE accredited program after successful completion.

Further Information about VET in Schools can be found at VCAA VETand VCAA Resources

Each VET program takes the place of one VCE or VCAL subject each year and usually takes 2 years to complete so must be commenced at Year 10 or 11. A few VET programs can be commenced and completed in Year 12 providing 'block credit' at Units 3 & 4 as they are at Certificate III or higher.

While many students choose VET courses in the industry area they intend to follow a career in, others simply choose an area of interest or one (like Hospitality or Automotive) that will provide life skills or a background for part time work. All VCAL students must successfully complete a VET course as this is central to a VCAL program.

For more information on the VET courses Sandringham College delivers on campus - go to VET Programs on Campus

For an explanation of how VET can be included in your program - go to VET Programs.

To look at off-campus VET programs in more detail - go to TAFE Partners.
For more detail on SBATs - go to School Based Apprenticeships.

Students from other schools - go to Community Partner - Youth Connect for enrolment forms to undertake Certificates delivered at Sandringham College on Wednesdays.

For further information contact
Anna Irminger
VET Coordinator
Sandringham College
Holloway Road, Sandringham 3191
Telephone: (03) 8599 0531
Email: irminger.anna.a@edumail.vic.gov.au

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