VET Programs Delivered On Campus

Sandringham College has a number of staff who have extra qualifications which allow them to deliver nationally accredited VET Certificates on campus. Students receive their training at the College but the Certificates they receive come from the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) auspicing us.

These "on campus" programs are run on Wednesday afternoons.

If you are a student who will be completing Year 11 or 12 at another school in 2017 - and are interested in doing a VET course at Sandringham - you should contact WhiteLion-Youth Connect and apply through them (or ask your coordinator to do this for you). Whitelion - Youth Connect

2017 On Campus VET Programs




Dance * VCE VET
(two year program)

21764VIC Cert II in Dance
Fashion Design VCE VET
(two year program)

Cert II/Cert III Applied Fashion Design
College of Fashion Design
or Kangan

Games Creation - two year program
Games Creation 3&4 – Block Credit

ICA30105 Certificate III in Information Technology
(Partial completion)

Music* VCE VET - 2 programs - both 2 year programs
Technical Production
Music Performance (dependent on student interest)

CUS09 Cert III in Technical Production
Certificate III in Music
College of Sound & Music
Media/ Screen – VCE VET/ Block Credit
(dependent on student interest)

Sport & Recreation * -VCE VET
(two year program)

CUF20107 – Cert II in Creative Industries (Media)

SIS30513 - VES Cert III in Sport & Recreation

Visual Arts
Visual Arts (Ceramics) – Block Credit (dependent on student interest)

Visual Arts (Year 12) – Block Credit (dependent on student interest)

CUV30103 Cert III in Visual Arts (Partial)

Students must successfully complete first year in VCE VET programs before continuing. Those with asterisks have scored assessment in their second year and can be one of the primary four in an ATAR score.
Programs in black provide Block Credit – usually at a Unit 3/4 level (& provide an increment in an ATAR) and second year may be possible without first year if appropriate background.
For more information on these courses (as well as other programs offered on the Senior Campus) - please refer to the Senior Campus Curriculum Guide.

NB Programs only run if numbers are sufficient.